DIY and video of how to make a baby hazelnut mouse sleeping in a walnut shell! SOOO cute!

Adorable hazelnut mice DIY


The cutest craft on the internet:


I was about 11 years old and it was a month before the holidays. My mom worked at a hospital that was putting on a Christmas craft sale and she asked if I would like to help make and sell something at the show. We decided to make Christmas tree ornaments. My first business: ‘Kids can Kraft’ was born. What can I say? I like alliteration. 🙂 I remember getting to stay up late for a few nights, glue guns blazing and yarn flying for what could possibly be one of the cutest, kid-friendly crafts I have ever made!

It was a blast to rehash this craft from the past with my children! (***rhyme nerd alert***)

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Hazelnut Mice in 6 easy steps!

**Infographic at end of post**

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  • walnut
  • hazelnut
  • nut cracker
  • butter knife
  • ultra fine sharpie
  • felt (I used an upcycled wool sweater)
  • scrap fabric (small patterns work best)
  • cotton/fiberfill
  • scissors
  • yarn
  • glue gun/glue
  1. Crack walnut using a similar kind of nutcracker: – (click on picture to see details)
    Make sure walnut is positioned with the seam perpendicular to the pressure points of the nut cracker. Apply pressure only until the seam slightly cracks open. Slip the butter knife into the crack and twist until you can separate the walnut halves.
  2. Using the butter knife, take out nut(and eat! yum.) and all the hard membranes. Snap off pointy bits.
  3. Pick a hazelnut that can easily fit into the top half of the walnut. Draw a face on the hazelnut, using the pointed tip of the hazelnut as the nose.
  4. Cut out ears from felt. I just cut around the tip of my thumb, which gave me the perfect size. Glue ears onto the head, positioned at the back of the hazelnut.
  5. Glue the tail into the pointed tip of the walnut. If using as an ornament, glue the ends of the same ribbon or string into walnut shell.
  6. Place cotton batting in the center of the fabric scrap and bring opposite corners together. Pinch the tips together and hold in your left hand. With your right hand, put hot glue into the bottom of the walnut. Place fabric and batting with the pointy ends directly immersed in the glue. Make sure there is still room to fit the head.
  7. Put some more glue into the top of the walnut and push hazelnut into the walnut until it fits snuggly.
Hazelnut mice Christmas holiday ornament DIY

These mice make adorable Christmas tree decor!

These make great gifts, cute figurines for fairy gardens, they can be attached onto presents, or just be used for old-fashion fun!
My kids love to play with these mouse cuties along side their Calico Critters 🙂
 (click on picture to see Calico Critter details)

Hazelnut Mice DIY:

adorable hazelnut mice DIY


  1. elenor martin

    Thank you for sharing this fine tutorial. I want to make some mice. Although it’s still some time until Christmas I’m sure my grandchildren will love them.
    Kind greetings from the EU (A).

    1. Author

      Hi Elenor! Thanks for checking the DIY out! I’m making mice this spring for our Easter baskets, and I’m using pastel fabric for the blankets- it’s fun to adapt for year-round use! 🙂

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    1. Author

      So happy to hear that Becky! They are so much fun to make! 🙂 Im going to make a bunch for my Christmas tree this year too!

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