I love connecting with others who are passionate about creating and cultivating!

If you have any questions, comments, or an idea for a collaboration, please send me a line at naomi@renaissance-revival.com

Also…(shameless self-plug) I have been hired on a few occasions for consulting purposes as well as to give presentations and host workshops in some of the areas I’m passionate about.

If you would like to learn a new skill, or need someone to lead a creative workshop, or do some art/craft demos, please contact me!

I would love to hear from you!


  • Ummmm this may be one of my favorite EASIEST crafts ever!!!! And I want to teach you how to make it! Come to my upcycle workshop on April 8th at the John Walters Museum for only $30!!! I will teach you how to make this AND 3 other teacup crafts! Seriously- you can't get a better workshop price than that!! Thanks to @bonniecaza for the beautiful teacup!! #teacup #upcycle #diy #crafts #yegartist #yegevents #yeg #workshops #teacuplight
  • Have you ever wanted to learn how to needle felt? Are you in Edmonton on April 8th? Do you love upcycling? I'm teaching a workshop where you can learn this and 3 other teacup themed crafts! More details to come soon!!!! #yeg #craft #workshop #yegevents #yegartist #craftdiy #yeglife #teacup #upcycle #needlefelting #mushroom #pincushion #frog
  • This girl finished up her cheerleading year. She had so much fun! So proud of her strength and determination 🙌🏃‍♀️👟🏅🎖🏆🎀
  • This coming weeks showcase of EIWFF at the Garneau Theatre presents special guests: Sandra Jansen(essentially bullied out of her own party for her views on women and children's rights) and Nav Kaur who ran in the ward she was born and raised in, Miranda Jimmy, community activist running for the first time, and Laurie Blackeman who held office for 18 years! There will also be a live musical performance! We also have the DIRECTOR of the documentary A Day of Change(which chronicles Premiere Notley's rise to political power), as well as one of the films focus politicians Heather Sweet, coming to introduce the film! If you want to know what it takes to be a female politician in Alberta you have to be there, bring your friends and share this event! Tickets only $12 -see EIWFF.ca for details!! #womeninpolitics #cityofedmonton #forallwomen #genderparity #eiwff #yeg #yegevents #yeglife #yeglive #albertapolitics #beapartoftherevolution
  • Some graphic design work I did for the Edmonton International Women's Film Festival! I had to cut the bottom off to fit it in Instagram, but the dates are March 8, 15, 26!! It's been fun seeing  the poster around town! If you live in #yeg, you should check it out! The theme is #womeninpolitics and before every film will be a pre-show filled with speakers, entertainers, and an all female politicians panel- including Sandra Jansen- who got bullied out of her own party!😳😳😳 anyways- if you care about #genderparity in elected positions pleeeease check this out!!! Website and schedule/tix link at eiwff.ca (designed by yours truly ;) #politics #graphicdesign #filmfestival #yeg #yegevents #yegevent #yegartist #artactivism
  • Me, reassuring my coffee, who, rightfully so, has abandonment issues.  #bulletjournal #sketches #baddrawing #caffiene #iwontforgetyou #mamalovesyou #bulletjournaling
  • This plate and that grape/crab apple jelly on cream cheese-y bagel goodness, is what is getting me through these last stages of winter! I would love to share the knowledge of foraging and making this jam! It is seriously an incredible S.A.D remedy! Is anyone in the #yeg area interested in a canning workshop this fall? I was thinking of offering 2 separate workshops. One for jam and one for pickles? If I have enough interest, I'll put something together!!! #canning #workshop #yeg #crabapplejellyisanantidepressant #forreals
  • Made these for one of the most beautiful babies ever! @skinnybridget_  I had so much fun living life with you and your beautiful, kind and generous family! With all that seismic activity under you right now, I'm going to go ahead and urge you to move inland. Namely, Edmonton. #mmmmkay ??? #imissyou #seriouslyitswaysaferoverhere
  • Best wallpaper ever! @veb176 never ever get rid of it! Although that's whole lotta pattern, so I don't blame you if you do! ;) For some strange reason it reminds me of our childhood. Xox! I had so much fun getting to live a day and a half with you last week! I miss your wise heart! #flowerchildmemories

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