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  • This lucky girl got to go for a walk in the river valley yesterday!!! #yeg #toddlerlife #enjoywinter
  • #adorbs #upcycled #sweater #bunnies
  • Last time I made and sold recycled sweater stuffies, (5ish years ago?)I kept the designs simple and made primarily owls. I sold them for $20 a piece and they would sell out every time! But mass producing lost its allure and it was hard for me to maintain the enthusiasm needed to keep up the production pace. When I cut these new designs out a year or so ago, I focused on having pure unadulterated fun with the design process. I don’t use patterns, I just eyeball it and hope for the best!!🤣 I let the fabric ‘speak’😝 to me. I like adding charming details and every piece is unique, but it means they take longer to make so I had to raise the price 😬 Sorry peeps. Got to make a living wage 😳They turned out soooo cute that I almost sold out today😳It breaks my heart to let them go but they were made to be adopted and loved!!!! The baby penguin is made from a cashmere bunny hug(the pouch pocket is built into the back of the stuffie😍😍😍) and the penguin was made out of a ripped angora sweater I saved from the trash! The pig looked like she was dipped in mud.🐷 The koala in the background was in the process of having his ear fur sewn on and a snap put on his hands so he can hang off the bed post, and he sold before I was even finished stitching! I’m learning a lot about valuing my work and time. It goes to show that when when you pour pure bliss into your work, people will love and value it too! #valueyourself #entrepreneurlife #textileart #popupshop #upcycled #sweater #stuffedanimals
  • Incredible views at the employee pop- up shop at the ATB building downtown!! The recycled sweater stuffies were a big hit!!! Also Aurora and I had a joint venture on the teacup owls, and she sold enough to be 1/3 of the way to her earning goal!! #kidentrepreneur  #christmasmarket #employee #popupshop #upcycledcrafts #stuffedanimals
  • I couldn’t put it off a second longer!! Because we live downtown in a micro-climate we haven’t had any hard frosts, but now with the constant freezing forecast and the snow here to stay — it was time 😳😳😳 so on November 1st I harvested 25 lbs of gorgeous, huge, sweet beets! Can’t wait to make some beet pickles!!! #beets #winterishere #cultivatemccauley
  • Every year our Halloween tradition is to go over to my aunt and uncles for my birthday dinner, then we go trick or treating where they hand out FULL SIZE CHOCOLATE BARS, then we go back to my family’s for cake. It’s my favorite tradition. My auntie buys cheap wigs so we can join in on the costume fun! PS. Little known fact, wigs keep your head warmer than a toque does!! #instantcostume #sweetchildomine #birthdayfun #ohmygodim35 #howdidigetthisold
  • Cleopatra is off to school!!! $12 dollar thrift store costume(wig and dress) for the win! #shelovesit #poseonpoint #cleopatra #girlpower #happyhalloween
  • Calendula still blooming. I always admire the plants that hold on till the bitter end. #calendula #winteriscoming #nofilter
  • It’s been a very exciting and slightly anxiety inducing few weeks! I’m co-organizing a city wide clothing swap called The Rack. The response has been incredible and we’re expecting hundreds of people! There’ll be free clothes, vendors, artisans, brunch, prizes and an upcycled clothing workshop! Gearing up for such a huge event has been a busy whirlwind and it’s been a true pleasure to co-organize this with my kindred spirit, Diana, event organizer for @studio96yeg . Of course, since this is the first swap, I’m not sure what to expect and that always causes a bit of anxiety- something I know I have the power to overcome- but still an unpleasant, instinctual feeling nonetheless. Luckily for me, Tiger Lilly is offering pet support at every opportunity. This morning, I was crouched down, putting on Alice’s shoes and Tiger Lilly climbs onto my lap and starts her engines. Every time I am still and there is an available lap to sit on, she’s there showering me with love. #pettherapy #cattherapy #tortiseshellcat #manx #anxietyawareness

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