I love connecting with others who are passionate about creating and cultivating!

If you have any questions, comments, or an idea for a collaboration, please send me a line at naomi@renaissance-revival.com

Also…(shameless self-plug) I have been hired on a few occasions for consulting purposes as well as to give presentations and host workshops in some of the areas I’m passionate about.

If you would like to learn a new skill, or need someone to lead a creative workshop, or do some art/craft demos, please contact me!

I would love to hear from you!


  • My office assistant. She sets up beside me while I'm doing my graphic design work! #bringyourkidtoworkday #ohwait #thatseveryday ps first time in 3 months I've gotten her to wear green! Have we kicked pink? Stay tuned to find out! ๐Ÿ˜
  • Pysanka time! I used to (try) to make these as a kid with my mom who learned from her Ukrainian stepdad. So fun to experience this craft as an adult! Thanks to @craftevangelist for inviting me over to craft for a much needed night out! Now I'm off to the Ukrainian store to pick up my own supplies. You have no idea how rewarding this craft is! #pysanka #happyeaster #easteregg #eastercraft
  • Our newest business venture: Small Closets by Alice. She's technically the only one who even remotely fits in there๐Ÿ˜‘ #smallhouse #smallclosetproblems #ryobi #shoeshelf #toddlerlife #thisistwo
  • Aurora and I are killing time between takes for a music video we are in! Such a fun mother/daughter experience! #martinkerr #musicvideo #westedmontonmall
  • This mother/daughter sure worked their biceps today! Bet they didn't think they would get such a workout going to a craft workshop! ๐Ÿ˜†Look at Miss H go! I had such a fun, beautiful afternoon teaching this workshop! The location was AMAZING! Everyone! Get yourself to the John Walters Museum! It's such a gem! We crafted by (electric)lantern light, enjoyed jam and cream cheese croissants, listened to chill tunes and enjoyed the warmth of the wood stove- in a 133 year old house! There is another teacup upcycle workshop coming up on June 10th! Call 311, course code 598626 to register! #johnwaltersmuseum #craft #teacup #upcycle #workshop #upcycleworkshop #motherdaughterday
  • Do you know of any Edmonton shops that would be interested in carrying this display frame full of flower clips in their store for a 30% consignment fee? I make these no-slip clips from upcycled clothes, scarves, curtains, scraps, and vintage buttons. I have 5 of these display frames and I want to take them to local independent stores in and around Edmonton, preferably central. Anyone have any suggestions? I'm thinking of selling them for $8 individually or 3 for $20. Each clip is OOAK and some of the buttons I use are vintage collector buttons(couldn't tell you which ones though, ain't nobody got time for that, I just know some of them are valuable ๐Ÿ˜‹) You can wear them in you hair, clip them on your sweater or onto your purse! I'll also be selling them out of my home- stop by and see my selection! I even do special requests for colors as well as bridal bouquets! #yeg #edmonton #stores #upcycled #noslip #flowerclips #forsale
  • This lamp took me 5 minutes to make. For real. I want to teach you how easy this is! Come to my workshop on Saturday at the John Walters Museum and you will walk away with 4 upcycle teacup crafts and if you register you could win a free upcycled teacup made by yours truly! Call 311! P.s. These crafts make awesome #mothersdaygifts !! #yegevents #yegworkshops #upcycle #teacup #pendantlight #craftworkshop #yeg #johnwaltersmuseum
  • Mother's Day is coming up! Instead of buying her another charm for her Pandora bracelet, how about you come take a workshop with me and make her an upcycled OOAK teacup pin cushion!?! I'll teach you how to needle felt. You get to stab wool. It's fun. You could also make her an upcycled teacup bird feeder, or an upcycled teacup lamp or even a upcycled teacup owl! (all crafts we will be making this Saturday afternoon!!!) Registration is only $30 AND just by registering you will be entered to win one of my handmade upcycled teacup crafts of your choosing! Register for the upcycle workshop at the John Walters Museum by calling 311! #handmade #mothersday #upcycled #teacup #pincushion #needlefelting #yeg #yegworkshops #yegevents #johnwaltersmuseum
  • Adorbs. I can't even describe how much fun it is to pull out colors from a teacup and make an adorable owl from furry upcycled wool. You'll just have to experience the creative joy for yourself. Seriously. Come to my workshop and I'll teach you how to make this. It's really really easy. Call 311 for the upcycle workshop at the #johnwaltersmuseum !! #yeg #yegworkshops #upcycle #owl #knittingloom #plush

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