I love connecting with others who are passionate about creating and cultivating!

If you have any questions, comments, or an idea for a collaboration, please send me a line at naomi@renaissance-revival.com

Also…(shameless self-plug) I have been hired on a few occasions for consulting purposes as well as to give presentations and host workshops in some of the areas I’m passionate about.

If you would like to learn a new skill, or need someone to lead a creative workshop, or do some art/craft demos, please contact me!

I would love to hear from you!


  • #adorbs
  • Me and my helper harvesting! And yes the haskap/rhubarb coffee cake was delish! #yum #yeggarden #growfood #haskap #honeyberry
  • My brand new friend Junior, caught this feathered lady crossing 95th street. He walked up to me with the chicken wrapped in his shirt and was like.... "you want a chicken?" And I was like, "yes, yes I do!" #nowidontknowwhattodowithit
  • #spinning
  • This is her favorite dress. I'm lucky if I can get it off and in the wash without a meltdown. She also has a rats nest the size of her head. She's wearing the goggles as a headband to keep the nest out of her eyes. When I get the time, it's nothing a little coconut oil can't detangle! Darn she's a cute little rug rat! #reallife #clothedandfed #priorities #rugratsarehappier
  • I upcycled a broken wind chime! The crafting possibilities are endless when you know how to drill through porcelain! Come to my workshop this Saturday @ 1 pm at the John Walter Museum! We will be learning my easy trick for drilling through porcelain, as well as loom knitting, and needle felting! You get to walk away with 3 teacup crafts as well as 1 lucky crafter will win one of my handmade creations! Registration is only $30 and kids 10 and up are welcome to come if accompanied by an adult registrant! Call 311 to register! #yeg #yegevents #yegworkshops #yeggarden #upcycle #upcycleworkshop #teacup #windchime
  • Spent this gorgeous day at The Heart of the City Festival at Giovani Caboto park! In awe of this mesmerizing moving art installation! #meetmeinmccauley #yeg #yegevents #yegfestivals
  • One of my favorite thrift store finds! There's a baby owl carved inside the mommy owl! 💗💗💗#cuetheawws #thirftstorefinds #owl
  • Yum. Mussels and bacon(the real stuff) in a dandelion wine sauce with corn on the cob. #yum #summerishere #foodpic #whoneedstheolivegarden #mussels #cornonthecob #whitewinesauce thanks @dustinbajer for the great homemade dandelion wine!

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