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  • Everything is polka dots. #polkadots #toddlerfashion
  • These are the 5th and 6th painted ladies I've seen this year in my yard! I was able to take these pics the last warm, dry day we had. It's so exciting that after a decade of living in this location I think I've finally been able to make it a butterfly, bee and bird haven! Loved seeing these guy slurp up the last of the seasons nectar 3 feet from my back door! #paintedlady #butterfly #fall #marigold
  • Exploring the river valley on this beautiful fall day! We even got to hand feed woodpeckers and chickadees! #feelinglikefall #yegrivervalley #explore @andrewpahl
  • I spy with my little eye: 6 melons! Melons people, MELONS!!!! All summer I thought this experiment had been a failure cause I only saw 1 tiny watermelon! Today as I was harvesting the volunteer Roma tomato that had taken this trellis over, I found my work had been rewarded after all! Now to figure out when they're ripe!!!! #yum #growfood #yeggarden #cultivatemccauley #garden #melons
  • The camp my kids were at this summer always fosters a litter or two with the hopes that the cats will be adopted by campers families and staff by fall! Ummmmm I should probably say, the last time I was at this camp 4 years ago, I adopted our kitten(now cat) Daisy 😝. I had to check out the fluffiness this time around and stumbled upon this tailless cutie! My brother (who works at the camp)told me she is a Manx and they are born with no tails and have large, rabbit like hind quarters! She doesn't run. She hops. Omg. The cuteness!!! Ack!! The kids and I fell haaaaaaard. She is the most loving adorable kitten. 😻😻😻I didn't think the other cats would take kindly to her AT ALL. But Rosie, who is 11 and arthritic and basically retired from unnecessary  movement last year, fell in love too and now they're inseparable. 90% of the time Rosie is ok with being the object of Tiger Lilly's affection. 10% of the time she's exasperated with having her tail bit for the 800th time and looks at me to say..'wtf kind of monster have you brought here and unleashed on me?!?!?' But I don't care be because Rosie's finally moving and gaining back her strength and health and maybe we'll get a few more years with her! Ahhhh their bond is sooo adorable! #catsofinstagram #itsofficial #imacatlady #manxcat #catbuddies #spooningcats
  • The yummiest bread and butter pickles courtesy of these 2 prolific cucumber vines!!!! #yeggarden #growfood #cultivatemccauley #cucumber #breadandbutterpickles #harvest
  • These are our garden salads right now.... 90% tomato. #yum #growfood #yeggarden #cultivatemccauley #tomatosalad🍅
  • Grade 1,5,3!!! Tears were shed. By mostly me. #backtoschool
  • Birds of different feathers should always flock together! Latest commission🎨 Acrylic on 4ft x 4ft. I had sooo much fun with this. All the birds are local to where this will hang(central Saskatchewan!) #acrylicart #acrylicpainting #artistsoninstagram #birds

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