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  • Asher and his Ursula. Gosh he’s cute. #ursula #playdoughforhours #howdoigetalifetimesupply
  • My little corner of the Prairie Homestead at Deep Freeze Fest! Got to make up a couple batches of pickled carrots and share a bunch of tasty preserves like: green tomato pickle relish, bread and butter pickles, pickled beans,  cherry lime jelly and choke cherry jelly. I think it was one of my most favorite experiences ever! The look on people’s faces when they took a bite!! 🤤👏👌👍🙏 I think I won some over to the preserving side!!! I think I may also have a little future side business, I could have sold crates of this stuff! #deepfreezefestival2018 #deepfreezefest #prairiehomestead #preserving #canning #pickles #jelly #yeg #yeggers #yeglife #demo #upcycleartist #millenialmartha
  • Our laundry room pipes froze and then flooded the entire room and then promptly refroze. We literally could have skated in here!!😩 So even though everyone in the house is battling some sort of illness, we’ve been fixing everything up. While mud and paint dries, I had to throw in a “just for Naomi project” to make all the other tedious work more bearable and I loooooove me some herringbone.... can’t wait to see what it looks like when it’s done!!! 😍 #wip #herringbone #paintingproject #sneakpeak
  • #sunrise #nofilter #bedroomwindowview #yegsunrise #yegviews
  • Happy holidays from these cute little elves! #happyholidays #merrychristmas #adorbs #grateful #family #peaceonearth
  • Sooooo happy to visit with family in Moose Jaw/Saskatoon for Christmas! And of course you know it’s cold when...💨💨💨💨it can’t be a Saskatchewan Christmas without a windchill of MINUS 35!!!!! #sundog #saskatchewan #brrrrrrr
  • The kids were sad we’re not putting up a Christmas tree this year. I’m all like 3 cats an an unattended Christmas tree for 5 days is a recipe for a Christmas FAIL. they refuse to grasp my reasoning. Then Andrew finds Auggie building a Lego scene of a dug out grave with a head stone  with the epitaph: “this is where Christmas goes to die” Apparently we are Scrooge’s. 😒Andrew came up with the compromise of building a gingerbread village. We took the $ we would have spent on a tree and bought Alice’s weight worth of candy at Bulk Barn. Came home, found a yummy gingerbread recipe, guestemated a template and voila! A Christmas decoration that I don’t have to water and vacuum up after 3 times a day! 🎉And ya. You’re not seeing much candy on there considering how much we bought. It’s because we had 4 foremen doing quality control checks on the building materials. #candyfiends #compromise #scroogesinthehouse #gingerbreadhouse that is
  • Took a year off from blogging so I could invest in my physical community. It’s been an incredible blessing to work in my neighborhood at a grass roots level and I’m excited to keep doing it, but I miss writing and am going to get back at it! I’m going to give Renaissance-Revival a little makeover and start adding more posts AND I’m going to even add an online store selling upcycled art (I’ve been busy making)!! #staytuned #writersgonnawrite #blogger #bloggerlife #entrepreneurlife #yegblogger
  • I did an interview with the #edmontonjournal about co-organizing a city wide women’s clothing swap. We had over 350 people show up at @studio96yeg and it was a regular old fashion frenzy! We had such an incredible response that we want to make swapping the new shopping and are going to host 2 swaps a year! The fast fashion industry has an atrocious record for environmental destruction and human rights violations. Clearing out your closet and shopping in someone else’s not only takes money out of an unsustainable industry, but provides a chance for women to connect and build community. Follow TheRackatStudio96 on fb to stay up today on details re. the spring swap! #swappingisthenewshopping #yeg #yeggers #yegliving #upcycledclothing #fastfashionsucks #clothesswap #meetmeinmccauley

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