Poem by Naomi Pahl. Soul expression.

Poem- Soul Expression

You look at me and whimpers shake you

Even though

right now

I am trying to unburden my soul

by trying to express everything within it



You need

(more than my need)


And even though I feel stifled-

in that moment

that world

that revolves in your eyes

that revolves around you

Pulls me into its orbit


I don’t make you wait any longer

I make my will bow

to your will

I bring you your bread and your milk

no thanks

no words

just hungry satisfaction


I return to my resolve to CREATE



Trying to steal time


You appear under my arm

and smile

Crumbs falling on my lap

create a mess I choose to ignore


Lift me

Hold me


Your blanket appears

in a pile on my leg

You clutch my knee

trying to climb the mountain

onto the soft oracle

The one who

makes everything feel safe


I put my art aside

relegating it for another moment in time

I bring your face close

and smell your sweet milky breath

Your eyes nod into mine


And I stare

And I marvel

And I stare

because you’re the one perfect SOUL EXPRESSION

I made

without even trying.


Naomi Pahl, 2013

Poem by Naomi Pahl. Soul expression.

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